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Role of a Jury in a Court Trial

A jury trial is an important part of the American Judicial System. The citizens of the community make up the jury. The jury passes the final verdict of guilty or not guilty in a criminal case or liable/not liable in a civil case. A jury trial is unique to the American Judicial System.

Juries are representatives of common people in the United States. Therefore, this power is vested in the jury and not with lawyers and Judges. Citizens get an opportunity to connect to the constitution and perpetuate the American system of laws.

By participating as a member of the jury in a court trial, the jurors get insights into the judicial system and their communities.

A jury may be a group of eight to twelve people.

How the jury works?

The jury comprises a group of American citizens who are peers of the defendant.

The facts of the case are presented before the jury in the presence of the judge in the courtroom.

The public prosecutor presents the case on behalf of the community if it is a criminal case. The prosecution needs to prove the defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The prosecution tries to prove the charges against the defendant based on facts, i.e. the evidence collected and witnesses who testify against the defendant.

If it is a civil case, the attorney of the plaintiff presses charges against the defendant and tries to get a verdict in the favor of his client.

After the hearing is over, the members of the jury proceed to the jury room to discuss and reach a verdict. Jurors are allowed to retain the indictment, the exhibits, and their notes.

If the jury reaches a unanimous verdict, it is sent to the Judge. However, a unanimous verdict is not a must always. If 10 out 12 jurors agree it is considered as a final verdict. In some cases, there is a “hung jury” where the jury cannot arrive at a common verdict. Such matters may require another trial.

One may ask, if the jury passes the verdict, then what is the role of the Judge in a court trial?

A judge presides over a court trial. He ensures that the verdict of the case is decided on its merit. Jurors do not have the legal knowledge and their decisions are based on facts rather than legalities. A Judge, on the other hand, has the legal expertise and in-depth knowledge. Therefore, he views a case from a legal perspective. He makes sure that the final verdict of the case is supported by the evidence produced.

The jury reaches a verdict based on all the evidence produced in the court under the direction of the judge as regards the legal interpretation of the case. The jurors are also allowed to ask their queries to the judge through notes passed to the foreman/forewoman of the jury during the trial.

The Judge has the power to overturn the verdict of the jury in rare cases. A judge can overturn a “guilty” verdict by a jury in a criminal case only if all the evidence presented most favorable to the prosecution fails to establish the guilt of the defendant.

Although the jury decides the verdict, it is the judge who decides the penalty/punishment.

Top Mistakes that People Make While Choosing a Law Firm

Be it a car accident or a divorce case, you need legal assistance at some point or the other. However, selecting the right law firm is imperative. While searching for a law firm or a lawyer, people tend to make some common mistakes that hamper their process of attaining justice. Avoiding such mistakes can lead you to success.

Take a look at some of the mistakes that people make while looking out for a law firm:

  1. Choosing a Lawyer Based on His Name and Not Experience

    With a multitude of platforms available these days, advertising has become easy. Several lawyers showcase their ads on TV, thereby attracting the attention of a large base of audience. Most people tend to fall into the trap laid by TV ads, which is a wrong act. It is very important to get familiar with the services offered by the law firm before choosing it. Make sure the lawyers have extensive experience in their field before hiring them.

  2. Not Asking Friends or Relatives for Referrals

    Seeking recommendations from friends or relatives is a good practice that should be followed. You can even ask the people who have already dealt with a similar legal case like yours. Look for honest reviews regarding the law firm you are thinking to hire. This way you’ll have a clear idea of legal services offered by the law firm. Remember that the success of a law firm depends on client satisfaction. So, before taking a decision, do check for the experience of past clients with the law firm.

  3. Failure to Ask the Right Questions to the Lawyer

    Some people hesitate to ask questions from the lawyer. This is a common mistake that should be avoided if you want to increase your chances of winning the case. Make sure you clear all your doubts while the lawyer investigates your case. You can enquire about the firm’s experience in resolving similar legal cases. The following questions can be asked from the lawyer:

    • Has the lawyer handled such a legal case before?
    • What kind of approach will he use in resolving the case?
    • Is the lawyer aware of expert witnesses?

    If the lawyer answers your questions freely, then you can consider hiring him. However, if he fails to do, then he may not be the ideal choice for you.

  4. Forget to Discuss Fees and Budget

    Budget is an important factor that should be considered before choosing a law firm. Ensure that you have a clear idea of the legal fees and costs related to the case you are dealing with. This way you will be able to maintain transparency with the lawyer and the chances of dispute or conflicts will decrease. However, cost should not be your sole consideration during your hunt for a lawyer. You should also consider other factors such as experience, skills, and reputation possessed by the lawyer.

  5. Not Conducting Thorough Research

    Hiring the first lawyer you meet without searching properly is a big mistake that should not be made. You can set appointments with a multitude of lawyers to get the best. These days, most lawyers provide free consultations. So, take advantage of this fact and choose the lawyer you are comfortable with. This way you’ll get the best lawyer that fits your requirements.

  6. Johnson & Autrey Law Firm is the best law firm in North Dakota that offers comprehensive legal services to a large base of clientele. To know more about our legal services, get in touch with us now!

What are the Attributes of a Good Law Firm?

Hiring a reliable law firm having lawyers who are experts in different types of laws holds you in good stead if you find yourself entangled in any lawsuit.

Life is unpredictable, and one never knows when he/she will find himself/herself facing a lawsuit. It might be that you might be sued or might find yourself suing someone else. During any such event, an experienced attorney is your best bet to face the situation.

There are different types of lawsuits an individual could face pertaining to criminal law, bankruptcy, immigration laws, family law, and many more.

The best law firm is the one that has lawyers who are well-experienced in representing clients in different types of cases.

Finding the right law firm can be mind-boggling!

Here’s a checklist of attributes you must look for while choosing a law firm:

  1. License

    Ensure that the lawyers in the firm are licensed to practice in the jurisdiction where you need representation.

  2. Specialist Lawyers

    Make sure that the firm has lawyers who are specialists in different types of lawsuits.

  3. Experience

    Choose a law firm that is well-experienced in representing clients in different types of lawsuits. Make sure that you check their success rate in representing clients.

    Select a lawyer who has had several courtroom appearances. A lawyer who has multiple courtroom appearances will be conversant with the courtroom process and ethics. He will also be alert to raise objections, etc. as when required. Besides, he will also be able to manage unexpected situations in the courtroom.

  4. Focus on Clients

    Each type of law firm has its own goals and strategies. While there is no denying that all law firms work with a profit motive, make sure that you choose a law firm that is more humane in its approach.

    Look out for a law firm that prioritizes its clients over other things. You can assess this aspect while interacting with the representatives of the law firm. Observe how attentive they are when they are with you. Some tell-tale signs of an inattentive individual are, the individual getting distracted by messages or emails on their mobile when they are with you. Also, check if the individual is a good listener or not?

    It is recommended that you choose a client-focused law firm.

  5. Communication Skills

    The most vital attributes of a lawyer are his communication and negotiation skills. Choose lawyers who have clarity in communication. You can check their negotiation skills by checking with the previous clients.

  6. Transparency

    When you need legal representation, you will need trustworthy attorneys by your side. The best way to assess this aspect is by finding out whether they offer transparency in their services or not? Law firms that are honest and transparent are the best to work with.

The best law firm that has all these attributes and more is Johnson & Autrey Law Firm. We have lawyers who are well-experienced in representing clients successfully in different types of lawsuits. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in Federal, State, and Judicial courts in North Dakota and Minnesota.

Why you need to Hire the Services of the Best Law Firm?

Legal disputes and issues can crop up anytime in an individual’s life. He might find himself getting sued or he might be a plaintiff suing someone for a wrongdoing.

If we find ourselves getting entangled in a legal dispute, civil or criminal, only an expert attorney can help us out. This is because only an experienced lawyer is aware of the laws of the land concerning the issue and he can represent the individual for the best outcome.

Law is a highly specialized field with attorneys who have expertise in addressing specific types of cases. There are criminal lawyers, civil lawyers with expertise in family laws, personal injury, and many more!

While an individual has the option of hiring a specialist lawyer for a specific type of case, hiring a law firm is recommended. This is especially helpful in cases that require an interplay between different types of laws.

A law firm has specialist lawyers in different types of laws. These lawyers can share data among themselves to give you the best representation.

Hiring a law firm where different lawyers can work together on a specific case is beneficial because it helps maintain confidentiality besides the work done gets faster.

It is a good idea to check the credibility and experience of a law firm before engaging the services of one. One of the best ways to ascertain the reliability of the services provided is by checking the experience of previous clients.

This can be verified by the reviews and testimonials provided by clients. You can also ask for the contact details of previous clients and connect with them to find out how their experience has been.

There are several law firms in Grand Forks ND. Choosing the right one can be mind-boggling!

One of the best law firms in Grand Forks ND is Johnson & Autrey Law Firm!

Why you must choose Johnson & Autrey Law Firm?

  1. We have a team of lawyers who are licensed in all of North Dakota and Minnesota to practice in the Federal, State, and Judicial Courts.
  2. We have 30 years of experience under our belt in legal issues pertaining to family law, criminal law, bankruptcy, and many more.
  3. We offer honest and trustworthy services.
  4. We maintain strict confidentiality with all your personal information.
  5. Our attorneys offer a congenial approach making you feel at ease.
  6. We investigate a case thoroughly and research all relevant information to ensure that you get the best representation for your case.
  7. All our attorneys have excellent communication and negotiation skills.
  8. We cover a wide variety of cases including:
    • Military law
    • Bankruptcy
    • Civil law
    • Personal injury
    • Criminal law
    • Estates and Elder law
  9. Our lawyers have relevant experience in each of the above fields and have successfully represented clients in complex cases over the years.
  10. Our services are reasonably priced.

Johnson & Autrey Law Firm is a client-oriented company that prioritizes its clients above everything else!

How to Choose the Best Law Firm?

We face different types of situations in life. While some are pleasant, others may be a little difficult to manage on our own. We often require the support of experts in different fields. For instance, a doctor helps us in case of any health issues, a real estate agent helps us in property deals, etc. Then some lawyers help us in a myriad of situations. We may require legal experts in both personal and professional matters.

Law is a highly specialized field with specific acts, sections, exceptions, etc. for different matters. For instance, the laws and amendments about matters of immigration will be quite different from those in a personal injury case. Hence, some attorneys specialize in specific kinds of laws such as criminal law, civil law, etc. Each of these lawyers needs to have in-depth knowledge about the acts, sections, previous cases, etc. relevant to his field.

Therefore, it is better to hire a law firm with attorneys specializing in different types of laws instead of approaching multiple lawyers for specific matters.

How to find the best law firm?

If you are looking for a reliable law firm, you could try browsing through the internet. The search engine will display a list of law firms in your city. The information provided on their websites reveals a lot about the law firm. You could also look at the testimonials and reviews posted on the site to gauge the experience of the previous clients of the firm.

Another vital resource for finding a law firm is asking your people in your social circle for recommendations. They will suggest firms based on their personal experience with it.

Based on the data you gather from different resources, you can prepare a shortlist of law firms that you find good enough.

You can compare different firms based on a set of criteria you establish.

Some useful criteria for comparing law firms are:

  • Whether it is a licensed firm?
  • Types of lawsuits covered.
  • Types of lawsuits covered.
  • What is their success rate in different matters?
  • How the lawyers relate to clients?
  • Whether they maintain complete confidentiality?
  • Are the lawyers reliable?

These are some parameters that make a good base for initial comparison. After you narrow down your search, you can interact with representatives of these firms to assess your comfort level with the company.

You could also ask for the phone numbers of previous clients and check their experience with the firm.

After all these comparisons, you are likely to arrive at maybe 3-4 comparable law firms.

You can further consider the cost of engaging their services to help you finalize the law firm.

Johnson & Autrey law firm is one of the most reliable law firms in the North Dakota and Minnesota areas.

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